I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat

by lauralolachatterton

If you haven’t heard of Alter Ego jewellery yet, then search them now. The American company, was started by Erika Walton, who began making jewellery whilst babysitting, out of none other than old toys. Her first iconic piece was the car bracelet which began as a hobby, yet it became so sought after she began the company to meet demands. Now Alter Ego is being featured across the globe in publications such as Vogue, Elle and one of my favourites, Nylon, as well as being sold in various boutiques worldwide.

Walton’s designs are not only nostalgic fun, (My Little Pony and Tweety Pie necklaces) but ethical as they are made from vintage toys from the fifties through to the nineties. Each design is different and you can even request a design. What better way to stand out. I can’t wait to get a pink and purple My Little Pony necklace to match my hair.